NinjaNinJosh FURY

Download Pre-Alpha Here: NinjaNinJosh FURY Video Game


After running away to Germany to escape his humiliating past and live a normal life, NinjaNinJosh discovers a secret evil organization that is terrorizing the small community he has moved to. Upon realizing that he must go back to being a self-proclaimed ninja to fight this organization, he decides to recruit a team to help with his mission. Play as NinjaNinJosh and (hopefully) the other members of his team: Disguise, Assassin, Ghost, Tracker, and Blade, to save the small German community they call home! 

Originally a YouTube series of the same name, which was meant to redeem the terrible NinjaNinJosh YouTube series, this game follows the original script, changes that were made in the FURY series that were good, and new ideas since then that couldn't be accomplished when filmed due to a frequent lack of assistance, and Joshua's own inexperience as a teen. If you can't rely on physical actors, ZBrush made is fine.


Joshua Graham: Lead developer, programming, game design, environment design, modeling, textures/materials, mechanics

Kaspian Brinson: Lead character designer

DJ YoungFreak: Music