Bismuth Bee Games is a small independent studio of developers founded on August 27th, 2019 by Joshua Graham. Initially operating under "Some Stupid Crap Production Studio" (May 24th, 2008) Joshua decided to move away from the name he created for his skits, NinjaNinJosh series, and silly videos as a teenager.

Bismuth Bee Games now focuses on creating various forms of art for others and for their own enjoyment. While primarily operating as an indie game development studio, they offer a variety of services including 3D modeling, 3D Printing, Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, and Digital Art.

Meet the Team:

Joshua Graham:


Founder, Game Developer, 3D Modeler, Writer, VFX, UX/UI

As the son of an artist and a tech geek, it's no wonder I ended up as a game developer/artist. I've taken years of classes in each of my skills and continue to develop and learn more. I've participated in multiple game jams and been invited to showcase my games at multiple events. Aside from game development, I've received local awards for and been recognized for my photography, some of which while under the guidance of a senior professional photographer. I've worked on several personal video projects, music videos for local artists, and interned as a broadcaster and a video teacher's assistant. I've developed logos for businesses and even USAF. And I thoroughly enjoy making dad-tier visual puns through my digital art. I also enjoy parkour, climbing, cycling, swimming, entomology, and get this, playing video games!

Kaspian Brinson:

Game Developer, 3D Character Modeler, Digital Artist

I am a god among gods. Peasants don't deserve to touch ZBrush.



Game Developer

Devoted sysadmin programmer extraordinaire!