Hurtling through space, you play as a space cat seeking a planet to call home. Except, again, you're a cat, so you're going to cause chaos the whole way down. Smashing through asteroids, shooting moons, and blowing up planets that are unfit for your oh-so-refined tastes. But no one blames you, because you are adorable with your soft fur, precious face, and gorgeous comet tail.​ The more things you destroy before you reach your new home planet, the higher your score! ("Comat Me" Epic Mega Jam Fall 2019) 

Play as NinjaNinJosh and his team in this open world action-adventure set in Germany and save the local residents from a small terrorist organization. 


As the only sentient ball of roots in Low Poly County, it is up to you to gather all the stray plants and put them in the ground, six inches under. Just be sure to pay attention to your water reserves, lest you wither away! (Global Game Jam 2023)

Play as Terrey and help her find her way home, helping other bees along the way! (Global Game Jam 2019) 

As a beekeeper your one goal is to give your bees the best life, so it's time you help them collect their pollen by carrying their hives to the flowers with drones, planes, and more to maximize their honey production! (Epic Mega Jam Summer 2019) 

You've crash landed on an alien planet and your ship is in need of repairs. You'll have to search high and low for enough parts to get your ship running and fly back home. (Global Game Jam 2020) 

In this VR game, you've ventured into your couch and you'll have to cross multiple cushion terrains, fight dust mites, befriend lint gnomes, lure roaches, ride fleas, and climb into treacherous caves. (Global Game Jam 2021) 

Monster Manor Madness

You've been invited to serve at the luxurious Mounstaire Manor. The other servants are all too excited for your arrival and help with the daily tasks. Just one rule: You mustn't disturb the Lord of the house. (Global Game Jam 2022)