Bee Bomber

Download Prototype Here: Bee Bomber


As a beekeeper, your one job is to take care of your bees. But maybe there is a way to help your bees more; something you weren't taught. Your bees would be less tired and gather more forage if they worked half as hard. So what if they were brought straight to it. You buy a drone to carry your bees in a special hive, find the best forage for them to get the most pollen and nectar so they don't have to. And you drop them there. Bees explode everywhere, immediately forage, and take it straight home. All these increased honey sales means you can afford more and better drones, perhaps even small planes, big planes? Rockets? It would certainly allow you to reach the best forage the fastest. You'll pollinate the world! This is the greatest plan to save the environment and nothing could go wrong!


Joshua Graham: Lead developer, programming, game design, environment design, modeling, textures, mechanics